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    There is no way to trace only a specific data source. The bindings are not automatically undone when the statement completes. What do you think the chances are that they will get is driverr to Maven Central. I believe it is in the common interest of both Microsoft and Java community that this situation changes. Only if the end users diver would on the other hand like to re-destribute the lib then would they be obliged but is even that necessary. Not only does this reduce the amount of data sent across the network, it also reduces the impact of database changes on the application. Many of the options are in the dialog box that displays when you click Options. This is usually reported as 0 zero. If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to sriver when you leave the Msdn Web site. Unless data conversion is a required part of the application, the application should bind columns to a program variable of the same data type as the column in the result set. For Example: If you are using Azure Active Sql server driver maven Authentication feature then you need to redeclare adal4j dependency in your project's pom file. Some applications may perform better with a larger packet size, but performance improvements are generally minimal for packet sizes larger than 8K. See my answer below for more details and a much better solution. If an application does not reference a column from a table, then the application is not affected by any changes made to that column. For example, if a user connects a version 2. Please see the following snippet: com. You signed in sql server driver maven another tab or window. If there are any particular licensing concerns you guys have, please feel free to ping me directly shelbyg at microsoft dot com. Each database has a global current timestamp value, dbts, which is incremented with every change in the database. Rows appear in the result set sfrver if they have been deleted from the database. For example, the 2. Therefore, applications do not need to call the Class. Save and close the file. The interval is specified in milliseconds. Static cursors are read-only. These procedures operate like temporary tables and are automatically dropped by the server if the connection is broken. Maybe Satya Nadella's new Microsoft will see fit to do so. This is because messages other than 5701 and 5703 that do require action may be returned. The cursor type conversion applies to only one statement.

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